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Arranging the space in front of the window makes it possible to use these few square meters that are often lost or poorly optimized. The key is a reading corner, a desk, additional storage or a relaxation area bathed in light. The proof in pictures.

When we lack space at home, we often try to invest the smallest available space. Create an entrance where there is none , arrange the space under the stairs or a small office area in your living room, everything is good to optimize your square meters . Why not also take advantage of the volume located in the window frame ? We rarely think about it, but it’s the perfect place to save space and make a room more functional.

Arrange a small reading corner, store books, create an ultra cozy mini living room, an office, a relaxation area or even additional storage… So many ideas that can transform your interior.

The idea that we like: a small quiet corner to read in peace or relax, eyes on the horizon.

This is probably the best way to use this bright space, isolated just enough to feel calm. All you need is a padded seat and a few soft cushions to set up a cozy little corner in your window frame.

The idea that we like: a small, discreet and practical bookcase.

Are you running out of space to install shelving and store your books ? Why not invest the windowsill? This often unused space makes it easy to fit in a few books without encroaching on the rest of the living space.

The idea we like: an ultra-bright workspace.

Facing outwards, this place benefits from great clarity, ideal for (tele)working in good conditions. A tablet, or even a real desk, will allow you to settle down properly. We do not forget a comfortable seat, and adequate lighting for the darker end of the day in winter.

The idea that we like: an indoor-outdoor space to clear your mind and enjoy the sun all year round.

It’s a good idea in an apartment, to afford a space halfway between the interior and the exterior in the extension of a balcony. If you have a little space, set up a small platform to enjoy the sun at the slightest ray, windows closed in winter, or wide open in summer. Something to pleasantly broaden your horizon!

Our favorite idea: a comfortable bench seat to create a cozy little seating area.

The window frame is the ideal place to set up a comfortable bench seat. A pleasant way to take advantage of the light and use this often wasted space, especially when you have a limited surface. The good idea in addition: additional storage can easily be arranged below.

Whether it serves as an extension of the work plan, or whether it is converted into a small office, the space in front of the window can be invested to optimize the space as much as possible. A good idea in a studio, for example, where every centimeter counts.

Set up a bench in the entrance

It’s the little detail that makes an entrance more functional : a bench for putting on and taking off shoes comfortably. A few planks of wood are enough to make a bench, which we will decorate with cushions for the softness and the decorative side.

The idea that we like: invest the edge of the window to put trinkets and other decorative objects.

If you have enough width, the windowsill is the ideal place to display a vase, a plant or a few knick-knacks. Used as a console, this space saves space for a piece of furniture, especially if you feel a little cramped.

The idea that we like: shelves within easy reach of children to store toys easily.

Why not use the window frame as storage space in the children’s room? Creating one or two shelves, depending on the space available, makes it easy for little ones to pick up and store their favorite toys, and leaves room for fun in the center of the room.

This layout is a great option for accommodating additional storage in a living room, for example. This chest makes it possible to remove anything that you don’t want lying around, or what you only use occasionally, but can also be used as a bench or support for your green plants.

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