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Changing a lock is a delicate job that it is advisable to entrust to a professional locksmith . But you can do it yourself if you are a good handyman and have the right tools. In this content, we reveal the tips for changing the lock of your armored door.

Operating principle of an armored door lock

To be able to change the lock on your armored door , it is important to know how it works. A lock comprises a box which is composed of handles, a bolt, a cylinder and a rod. The cylinder is the component in which the key is inserted and in which the bit is activated. Activating the bit drives the deadbolt and closing points. These are stuck in the strikers. Note that these strikes are found at the door jamb.

The locking of the lock is ensured by the bolt and the rollers which are fixed in the strikers. The latchbolt, on the other hand, is the mechanism that allows the door to open instantly when you turn or lower the handle. The latter works without the use of the key. Note that there are two main types of locks. We have the wall-mounted lock that is fixed directly to the door jamb. There is also the recessed lock that is displayed inside the armored door. Depending on the type of lock, there are different methods for opening an armored door whose key is lost or broken. To learn more , see the guide provided by the manufacturer.

The procedure for replacing the lock of the armored door

The method of changing the lock will depend on the door lock model. There are several hundred lock models. To change a door lock, you have no choice but to replace the old lock with a new one of the same brand. You won’t have to carve new notches or drill new holes in your door. It’s easier for a do-it-yourselfer to replace an old lock with a new one of the same model. Thus, it does not risk damaging the door.

To make the change, the lock must be removed. You must open the armored door to access the screws. To remove the lock, you will just have to remove all the screws. After the screws are removed, if the lock does not come off look for the button behind the base of the rod. As soon as the screwdriver is inserted into the button, you will easily remove the lock.

To place the new lock, secure the door latch while making sure the latch is facing the correct direction. Perform the door adjustment to make sure the door knob is in the center of the hole the door knobs are attached to. If the latch is well positioned, screw it definitively to the door. Make sure the keyholes line up properly. Close the door to check if it closes properly.

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