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You have accidentally stumbled on a bee hive in your home and the first thing that comes to your mind is to hit “bee exterminators near me” in your browser. And then you think maybe this is something that you could do all by yourself. If you are looking to remove the bees with a simple DIY method, you need to know certain things. Depending on the hive size, there are between 10,000 and 60,000 bees in your home. Then again, this number could be more depending on how long that hive has been in your home. This DIY guide tells you all you need to know about the DIY honey bee removal process.

Before using DIY methods for honey bee removal

If you find bees in your home, you may require a lot of labour to remove the hive from the attached structure. People who live in Brisbane usually rely on experts to do all the work for them. Bee removal in Brisbane involves the use of special methods and tools to extract the bees from the area. Apart from the process being labour-intensive, you will be expected to have a great deal of knowledge about how to handle bees. If you handle the bees poorly, you may end up getting lots of stings, which can cause severe allergies. A bee hive that is as old as one week can have as many as 20,000 bees.

DIY removal of honey bees: Professional tips and advice

Never use water and soap on the bees

A common DIY method among uninformed homeowners is to water and soap to chase out the bees. Once the bees have chosen to build their hive in your home, not even water and soap can get them to leave. It is best to leave this to the experts who know how to extract the bees. You can get a good company that specializes in providing bee hive removal service in Brisbane.

Spraying all entry points with Bee or Wasp Killer

Many homeowners suddenly feel like superheroes when they find out that they can kill the bees with a spray. You may spray the entry point and see that the bees are dying off. The most you can do is to kill a hundred of the bees. However, the bulk of the hive (about 60,000 or more bees) are nesting inside behind floorboards and walls. Your bee or wasp-killing spray may not go as far as to harm the bees. Even if you go on to kill the bees, there could be a vast amount of bee larvae and honeycombs that can make your house a mess. This is bad for your hygiene and the environment. Look up “bees pest control near me”  for the experts to use a clean and safer method to remove the hive.

Sealing all entry points for the bees

if you seal off the entry point for the bees, this will stop them from moving freely. You may not see the bees outside the hive but they probably have enough food to survive for a long time. This means that they will be searching for other ways to move out of the hive. A colony with about 30,000 honey bees will cause a lot of mess and harm if they do not have any way to go back outside. The best strategy is to hire a bee removal expert in Brisbane to help you out with the honey bees before sealing all entry points.

Never try to smoke out the bees

Bee removal experts have warned homeowners not to resort to smoking bees out of their properties. This method is meant for professional beekeepers and not for the untrained homeowner. If you try to smoke the bees in your house, this may cause them to scatter further inside the house. Then again, smoking bees is a dangerous method that can result in a serious fire in the house. In Brisbane, there have been many accidents of homeowners accidentally setting their houses on fire while trying to smoke out bees. This is not the time to be a superhero. The best thing you can do is to open your browser and look up “bee hive removal expert near me.” You will be able to find a reliable company in Brisbane with the expertise and knowledge to safely remove the honey bees from your home.

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