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The finish arch is one of the most commonly used equipment at different events and trade shows. Particularly useful, it has many advantages, which we invite you to discover in this article.

The finish arch can be seen from afar

This is the first argument with which we associate this equipment when we think of it. Indeed, due to its size, the arrival arch, also called lighting gantry, attracts all eyes! It will find its place during different events: for a sports race, to mark the arrival and/or the departure or in a space to delimit an exhibition stand, a VIP zone, access to a concert, etc… It’s very simple, you choose the use you intend to make of it! This leads us to our second advantage. It can be an inflatable finish arch, most often used for advertising purposes. Nevertheless, the aluminum finish arches are more stable and more attractive.

Multifunctional and perfectly versatile equipment

Although finish arches were originally designed to support event lighting, they actually serve many other purposes. They can be used to hang and support equipment at height, such as lighting systems, sound systems, light effects or LCD screens, but also quite simply visual advertising and communication aids such as balloons, socks (made-to-measure lycra envelopes), tarpaulins, kakemonos or other POS material. The arrival arches also serve, quite simply, to delimit the space and materialize a destination. You can play on the shapes of your structure, which can be sober and straight, have a roundness or take on the appearance of a polygon.

Strong and durable material

Finally, the last argument in favor of this equipment is its solidity and durability. By choosing a finish arch, you will benefit from equipment that will accompany you for many years. Its structure, made of aluminium, is available in different thicknesses depending on the span and the desired load. In addition, thanks to its fixing to the ground, the arrival arch is a stable piece of equipment that is perfectly resistant to bad weather, and in particular to the wind. You therefore ensure everyone’s safety by choosing a robust aluminum finish arch and the fixing accessories that make it up, such as the various clamps.

How to highlight your arrival arch?

The finish arch can perfectly stand on its own, especially if you choose a sought-after shape. However, you can also decide to enhance it by decorating it. This equipment is not only utilitarian. You can certainly hang your sound systems on it, but you can also use it as an advertising medium. This is the time to highlight your logo, your slogan and the graphic charter of your company or company.

Social projects are not new. They have always been an integral part of human life. However, with each generation and each year, innovations are there to go even further.

Starting from nothing for a place to live

It is not new, it exists and will always exist, but it is its purpose that changes . Transforming a wasteland into a place to live or even transforming a vacant lot into a housing estate are projects that see the light of day every year. However, each project brings new life . La Maillerie is the perfect example:

Renovate to innovate

Many social projects opt for renovation to make homes. The best ideas are ecological constructions and which do not consume. So either high-tech houses, but efficient and not energy-intensive , or simple houses that do not consume. Renovations can be old office buildings, old commercial premises, old prison, old industrial premises, etc.

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