zinc house extension

The reasons that motivate homeowners to expand their homes are diverse. Anyway, there are several options available to carry out this project. Among these, the zinc house extension stands out. Many people today resort to this option because of the advantages it offers. However, it is also not without drawbacks. The pros and cons of zinc house extension are listed below.

An aesthetic material

This is one of the benefits of zinc siding . Zinc is a material used very often for the roofing finishes of a house. Indeed, it naturally presents a sublime and attractive appearance. Moreover, this material always retains its beauty even during the patina process .

During this phase, the zinc becomes dark gray or almost black. Once the patina process has passed, the material takes on a blue or light gray color. Basically, zinc loses its original color, but it still remains attractive despite various external aggressions.

Strong and durable material

In addition to its aesthetic appearance, zinc has a robustness that allows it to last a long time. It has the ability to withstand up to 80 or 100 years when used as a roof covering. Very few materials like zinc are able to last this long. In addition, thanks to its solidity, zinc appears fungistatic and resists insects as well as fire. It can therefore prevent the formation of mold and other pathogenic fungi.

An eco-friendly material

Opting for a zinc house extension means contributing to the well-being of the environment. Indeed, this completely recyclable material can be reused permanently. It should  also be noted that the construction of a zinc roof requires little energy and few resources, unlike some popular roofing materials.

An easy-to-maintain material

Zinc is not a headache when it comes to maintenance. Since the patina is done regularly, so you do not have to make any repairs in terms of aesthetics. Generally, when the installation of the panels is perfectly carried out, maintenance is almost or absolutely not essential.

An easy-to-move material

The material used for the realization of the zinc house extension is generally light. This therefore facilitates its transport which requires very little effort. This is also valid for its installation. The service provider will not have to provide a lot of energy by moving it each time.

A complex installation

It is important to use a competent and experienced professional when it comes to the realization of a zinc roof covering. This is recommended to avoid certain risks. Indeed, the installation of a zinc roofing is rather complex, and a bad installation can generate unpleasant consequences . Including mold, water infiltration, corrosion, etc.

An expensive material

Zinc is very advantageous, but it remains an expensive material. Generally, it is necessary to plan around 80 or 90 euros per square meter on average to obtain a sheet of zinc.

Incompatibility with certain frameworks

The installation of a zinc cover on certain frames is not recommended. This specifically concerns cement, carbon steel, plaster, oak wood, lime or even chestnut, larch, etc. frames.

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