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As a construction company, you need modular buildings on site. These must be able to be functional and reliable. They can be rented or purchased depending on the solution that suits you best. Every construction company is forced to think about it at one time or another.

In general, the construction hut is prefabricated in metal. It has walls, which are in wood, sandwich panels, metal and allowing the improvement of thermal insulation. To find a construction hut , you must base yourself on your needs. Indeed, this prefabricated house can fulfill multiple functions:

storage space or living space.

In addition, there are many cheap construction bungalows , but with a good quality/price ratio . Not all construction bungalows allow the storage of equipment. Therefore, it is essential to rent a construction container. Also, unlike the construction trailer, which can be quite autonomous, the cheap construction bungalow must be connected to a source of energy

Your prefabricated house can either be connected to an electrical network, or you can choose to rent generators. You can easily transport your construction hut using a crane. Choosing prefabricated is more advantageous for construction companies.

construction site bungalows

It is important to provide workers with the means to ensure their personal cleanliness in equipped changing rooms. Thus, you must install collective changing rooms in a special room. These must be isolated from the cheap site bungalows while being as close as possible to the passage of the workers.

Worksite changing rooms must be ventilated, suitably heated and kept clean. Also, if you have a mixed staff, you should set up separate facilities on one side for men and one side for women. For each member of staff, you must think about providing sufficient chairs as well as individual cupboards. These must be non-flammable to avoid catastrophic situations.

Equipping each cabinet with a padlock or lock would be ideal for security. Chairs in the locker room should also be comfortable enough for workers to be comfortable. Above all, do not neglect to inform yourself sufficiently before acquiring your wardrobe model. It would be a shame if it was not suitable for a construction company and your needs.

chemical toilets

Chemical toilets are used outdoors. These are essential on construction sites. Made from molded polypropylene, this category of sanitaryware improves the hygiene and comfort of employees. Chemical toilets have complete autonomy and can be either fixed or portable. Polypropylene can also be used in places that are not equipped with electricity or water.

While other kinds of toilets exist (dry, connectable, etc.), we note that the chemical model is very favored by construction companies in particular. Indeed, the chemical toilet can offer many advantages. For starters, these consume very little water compared to other models. This makes them very practical on construction sites.

In addition, this equipment is easily cleanable and very easy to use. These toilets do not leave odors and stay clean for a long time. The chemical toilets are also very comfortable and can be transported from one construction site to another thanks to a heavy weight. It is a modular solution adapted to construction sites thanks to which the workers can satisfy their needs in complete peace of mind.

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