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In Singapore, terraced houses are extremely common and are always constructed so that each home in a series appears identical. So, how do you distinguish yours? Whether you’re looking to give your home an advantage when it’s time to sell or you simply want to add a unique touch to your property, here are our top ideas for transforming your Singapore terrace house design into an even more valuable asset.

Absolute Perfection

When it comes to making your terraced home stand out, paint is your greatest ally. Whether you choose a dramatic splash of colour on your doors, window frames, ledges or a striking modern hue to cover the brickwork, paint is an inexpensive and transformative option that will make your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

If you’re concerned about what your neighbours will think of a daring colour change, or if you’re not a colour person, repainting your home in a clear shade of true white will make it look cleaner and more organised.

Make Do with What is Given

Make the most of what your architect gave you by emphasising period facade features with new paint or by sandblasting stone to give the building a new, revitalised appearance. Adding a distinctive door knocker, a corresponding door number, and a stylish new intercom can boost your terraced home’s appearance, even if your budget and time are limited.

Consider Changing Your Windows

For dread of harming the building’s character, many terraced houses have very old or even original windows that have been preserved. Modern double or triple-glazed windows offer much more variety than their massive white plastic predecessors and energy savings that benefit your wallet and the environment. You may choose from various frame colours and designs to find the ideal match for your residence. In addition to the savings on your energy bill, recently installed windows may give you an advantage when it comes time to sell.

Tidy Your Path

The path leading to your front door can be simple to overlook, especially if it is in good condition. New tiling, perhaps in a bold monochrome pattern, can create a stunning effect you’ll appreciate whenever you enter or leave your home. However, if you are unwilling to abandon your current path, consider cleaning it up. Remove any weeds, replace any damaged tiles, and give the path a thorough cleaning or add more gravel so that it appears orderly.

Play with Different Colour Schemes

Having a consistent colour scheme throughout the front of the house creates an impression of style and consideration. Consider how the hues of your window frames, ledges, door, and embellishments on your path and planters can be coordinated. Using the same shade throughout can work well if you’re only using a small amount of colour. However, if you’re adding many colours, you may want to consider using contrasting hues, such as a modern dark navy on the windows and a vibrant deep yellow on the door, with both accents picked up by plant pots on the steps.

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