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At the dining table, friends and family gather to converse, share, and create some of their fondest memories. For this reason, it becomes crucial to discover the ideal outdoor dining furniture for your backyard.

There are various shapes and sizes of dining tables, but we’re here to help you find the table that exceeds your outdoor requirements. This article will examine the characteristics of an outdoor dining table in Singapore and how to search for one.

Consider Forms

How you bring your loved ones together will determine the type of outdoor dining table you will require.

On top of the number of guests you wish to accommodate, you must consider the table’s shape. Most options are circular or rectangular, and each has a specific function.

For instance, round and oval outdoor dining tables are ideal for small gatherings. Conversations can be held without positioning individuals too far apart, and the spherical shape visually occupies less space.

The issue with smaller round tables is that you will run out of seating space if you invite more than four visitors. And selecting a larger round table to accommodate more individuals risks creating inconvenient space between everyone.

Depending on the availability of table leaves, rectangular dining tables can comfortably accommodate between six and eight diners. Leaves extend the length of the table and are ideal for resizing to save space or accommodate more people.

The finest table is one that can accommodate any size of gathering. Whether hosting a small gathering with old acquaintances or a large celebration with the extended family, the ideal table will accommodate every visitor.

Think About Style

Once you’ve decided on the desired shape, examine your backyard to determine if a particular design runs throughout. Perhaps your space features garden foliage or a simple, minimalist design with contemporary accents.

Although you can make your outdoor dining table the centrepiece of your yard, a small amount of this furniture goes a long way.

For instance, something streamlined and natural complements the natural environment while still making a statement. Aluminium is a popular material for outdoor tables due to its strength, light weight, and durability, but hardwood provides the character and weather resistance required for an outdoor table.

Pine, oak, and bamboo are three excellent outdoor material options. These are durable and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for curious children and the unpredictability of nature.

Still, teak is the finest hardwood option by a wide margin. Teakwood is not only an immutable and abundant material, but its natural oils are also resistant to wind, water, and insects. So not even heavy rain, humidity, or termites can destroy your table.

Simple Maintenance

Cleaning your outdoor dining table shouldn’t be a never-ending task. Selecting materials that are simple to maintain and store reduces your workload while extending the life of your furniture.

Both teak and aluminium are extremely low maintenance. Therefore, there is no required maintenance regimen for teak. Aside from a mild cleansing at the end of the season, the natural oils perform the majority of maintenance, so you do not need to.

For aluminium, washing the frame is as straightforward as spraying it with a hose on a medium setting to loosen any grime, then wiping everything down with a mild cleaning solution and a soft bristle brush. Give it a final flush with the hose, and then allow it to dry.

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