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The big challenge when you live in a house or when you have just furnished is to decorate your interior. It is above all a question of giving it a style which resembles us and which highlights it sufficiently. For this, there are many decorative themes that appeal to both. Focus on the main styles of interior decoration.


This decorative style relies mainly on accessories from the 50s and 60s. It is in good taste to decorate your living room with vintage paintings . These have the particularity of being brightly colored, presenting futuristic shapes. The vintage decoration relies on leather or fabric furniture. There are also materials such as wood and especially pastel colors. To bring a slightly more modern and cheerful aspect to a vintage atmosphere , you can add a retro poster or accessories in bright colors such as canary yellow, bright red or even slightly more tangy shades.

The modern style

A modern decoration combines both trend, originality and above all modernity. It is a style with lines as clean as precise and simple and timeless colors for a chic and elegant look. The materials used by this style of decoration generally vary between metal, glass and steel. Above all, this style offers a functional, ergonomic and durable interior. There are few decorative accessories since the decorated room is generally spacious and bright.

The contemporary style

This style of decoration is the opposite of the modern style. This one is much smoother with curved lines. It refers to all that is current, providing a living environment that will be continuously trendy and sustainable over time. It is a very scalable decorative style. This style is often described as elegant because of the neutral and sober colors that characterize it. We generally find white, gray or even black in all possible variations.

Scandinavian style

This style is generally considered to be of Nordic origin. It is refined, authentic, warm and functional. There is wood, wool or even fur. It is very close to nature and relies on an association of beauty, simplicity and practicality. We often focus on lighting, floor lamps and everything that is a source of light to highlight the prints, the warm tones that make up Scandinavian decoration. Sometimes, there is a touch of old with a Vintage Table.

The industrial style

This is a clever mix of vintage decoration and modernity. Accessories and decorations are generally designed in three materials: metals, wood and concrete. These materials are generally used quite raw and highlighted. For example, in an industrial bathroom, copper or colored piping is often observed. It’s a little worked style and that’s precisely what makes it so charming.

The minimalist style

This decor, which is quite trendy in Anglo-Saxon countries, is based on the concept of “less is more” (less is more). The colors are clean, sober and the furniture simple. The materials used are generally concrete, glass, stainless steel, chrome or aluminum. Sometimes we also integrate vinyl, PVC and acrylic.

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